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What’s the deal with Mineral Makeup?

By Rafael Giralda
September 1st, 2020
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I’m sure we have all heard of mineral makeup, but what are the benefits of it, and should I make the switch?


People have been using makeup for the last 7,000 years in some form or another. Early Egyptians made makeup from berries and powdered ash. Since then, makeup has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry and has become a fundamental way of self-expression. From eye shadows, to foundations, to highlighters and blush, have you ever wondered what effect the ingredients in these products are having on your skin?


Many common makeup brands use artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, talc and artificial colours which can lead to skin irritation and congestion.


In the last ten years, Mineral Makeup has burst onto the scene in a big way to offer a more natural alternative to everyday makeup. Mineral Makeup has become much more accessible and offers a range of different formulas and colours to suit every skin. What distinguishes Mineral Makeup from most other makeup is what is left out, rather than what is added. Mineral Makeup is often free from talc, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, fillers and GMO ingredients. With Mineral Makeup becoming more and more accessible, now it’s important to understand and choose the right mineral makeup for you. Not all mineral makeup is made the same, some cheaper alternatives actually include some nasty fillers like talc and synthetic preservatives, so it is super important to make an informed choice when buying your mineral makeup.


At Unique Laser, we use and recommend Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. It is the leading clean beauty makeup range on the market. Jane Iredale is dermatologist and allergy tested, natural, non-comedogenic, and free from nasties like talc, synthetic fragrance, phthalates, GMO ingredients and fillers, and it’s also cruelty free! What separates Jane Iredale from other mineral makeup brands is its high-performance formulations that benefit the skin – it’s nicknamed “The Skincare Makeup” for a reason! Jane Iredale foundations come in several different formulations including liquid, loose or pressed powder, and tinted moisturisers. Their foundations also include SPF protection and skin-soothing ingredients. They have one of the largest colour ranges in a mineral makeup brand in their foundations, blushes, eye shadows and lipsticks, which means there is a colour combination for every single skin tone and texture. Because this range only uses high-quality ingredients it is ideal for any skin type, even sensitive, rosacea and acneic skins. So now you know how incredible this range is, it’s time to make the switch and take your makeup to a whole new level!


One of our favourite things about the Jane Iredale range right now is you can elevate your look but stay natural. Get the look using powder all over the face (great for getting rid of those shiny areas, and achieving an even tone), brows, and a tinted lip balm. Voila! We’re not in the office but a simple application like this can help you feel great and make you look good on Zoom.

Top Picks: 

Amazing Matte Loose Finish Powder

A translucent loose powder that uses rice powder to absorb oil and eliminate shine. Provides a smooth, matte finish without dulling your skin.


Lip Drink Lip Balm SPF 15

Moisturising, protective lip balm in 4 tinted shades to add a hint of colour to your protection.


GreatShape Eyebrow Kit

Dual-end applicator, transparent botanical brow wax and pigmented brow powder. Packaged in a slim line rose gold compact with mirror. Highlight and shape brows, lasts all day. Comes in 3 shades.


The entire Jane Iredale range can be purchased from all Unique Laser Clinics and online, and we also offer FREE Jane Iredale colour matches to find your perfect shade! Go to the Unique Laser website for more information.

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