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Ultimate Skin Brightening Pack, the Client Treatment Journey.

By Rafael Giralda
July 30th, 2019
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Want to know what’s involved in our latest Skin Treatment Package? Feeling unsure about what to expect? Read on to find out more about the Ultimate Skin Brightening Pack*.

I’ve been going to Unique Laser for laser hair removal for the past year and my therapist recommended a skin care treatment plan, as I expressed concerns with my skin. I’ve just turned 36 and noticed more fine lines and pigmentation marks appearing. I want to focus on a preventative skin care routine.

My therapist recommended I try this new Ultimate Skin Brightening Package. I was so excited as I really haven’t treated myself to a facial treatment in a while. She explained the treatment first involves a Dermapen skin needling process, followed by an Environ Cool Peel in the same appointment. Then I’d come back for a Microderm Deluxe 2 weeks later.
We got started on the Dermapen treatment. This is a wand-type device with tiny microscopic needles that penetrate the skin to create tiny punctures, to encourage the skin’s own natural healing response. She explained that this increases collagen to minimise fine lines and even out my complexion. There was a bit of discomfort when she did my forehead due to it being a bony area, but everywhere else was fine. After my whole face was treated, she applied the Environ Cool Peel. At first it felt cool and soothing, though by the time 4 minutes were up I did feel a bit of heat and tingling in my skin. She gave me a fan to hold while the peel was applied, and this helped with the warm sensation. After 4 minutes she cleansed my face which completely neutralised the warm tingling sensation. My therapist then gave me the option of including Hyla Active Mask to accelerate healing time, sooth skin and repair. This felt great immediately. She explained that it contains hyaluronic acid, zinc and B5 to help hydrate my skin.
While the mask was applied, I was asked if I wanted a hand or scalp massage, and who can say no to scalp massage? This was a lovely way to finish up as I have a busy stressful life and this made me feel completely relaxed.

After the treatment was complete, she explained I may be pink/red for the next 24 hours, which would then reduce over the next 48 hours. I was quite surprised the next day when I woke up – besides my skin feeling tight I could barely see any redness. Over the next few days my skin was lightly flaking, however compared to Glycolic and Salicylic acid peels I’ve had in the past this was nothing.

After two weeks I will be returning to have a 12 Step microdermabrasion treatment, which she explained is an exfoliation treatment that will help make my skin feel soft and supple again. So far, I’m super happy with results even after one treatment. Even though it’s only been 5 days I’ve already got comments that my skin looks dewy and glowing!

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*Available July 2019 only

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