The Diode Laser Hair Removal Difference.

Rafael Giralda
May 13th, 2021

There is a huge amount of laser hair removal technology on the market, all promising the fastest, safest and most effective results. This can make choosing the right clinic for you even trickier! It’s important to ensure you research your decision carefully, as not all lasers are created equal.


At Unique Laser, we are proud to offer Diode Laser Hair Removal which delivers exceptional results for each and every client. Our thorough consultation process ensures the settings chosen are unique to your skin, allowing optimised results from the very first treatment. These lasers are also very fast, saving you time and money in the long run!


Here are our top reasons why we love Diode Laser Hair Removal and what you can expect when beginning your hair removal journey!


Incredible results for all skin types.


You want hair-free skin and results that last. We get it. The Diode technology provides superior results for all clients due to its unique wavelengths.


Laser hair removal wavelengths explain the depth of the energy in the hair follicle. The light targets the melanin in the hair, destroying the hair follicle and reducing future growth. However, as we also have melanin in our skin, traditional laser devices have been unsuitable for darker skin tones. This is because the skin can absorb the heat from the laser, increasing the risk of burns.


The Diode Laser wavelength is the gold standard in laser hair removal as it has been scientifically proven to be the optimal for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin! This is what sets the Diode technology apart from other devices, including the Candela lasers, which are the most popular in Australian clinics. While the Candela Alexandrite can’t treat tanned or dark skin, the ND:Yag is good for dark skin but less effective in white skin. Our unique device ensures all clients can safely achieve great results.


High-speed treatment times.

Did you know the Diode Laser is also the fastest in the world? We understand you have places to be and don’t want to waste unnecessary time in the clinic!


Our lasers deliver 4 pulses per second of 30 Joules in a large 21mm spot size, whereas others such as Candela Alexandrite can only provide 2 pulses per second of 20 Joules in a 18mm spot size (50% less pulses, 33% less energy and smaller spot). This means that our treatments are faster and more effective as they provide the double of laser pulses in the same amount of time and with a larger spot size. You’ll be on the way to hair-free skin in no time at all!


Our unique consultation process.

At Unique Laser, we provide complimentary consultations and a free test patch for all laser hair removal clients.


Many clinics use a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to determining the laser settings. This can often mean the first few sessions are using a lower energy and not delivering the best results for you. We aren’t about that! By offering a test-patch, we can optimise your settings from the very first session –  no wasting time or sessions here!


At your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to get to know our team and ask any questions you have. We will also ask you for any information about your previous treatments, sun exposure, health and medication to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.


Your technician will then assess your hair growth and your skin tone, before commencing with a test patch. We can then see how your skin reacts and note your settings, ready for your first treatment. This thorough process ensures safe, effective laser hair removal for all clients!


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