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Reveal Your Beautiful Skin!

By Rafael Giralda
August 22nd, 2019
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Peels! They can summon up thoughts of harsh, chemical redness and days of staying hidden inside while you wait for your face to stop looking red-raw.

While they can be effective, many chemical peels are hard on the skin. They can cause significant discomfort during treatment and downtime post-treatment before you get the benefits of the peel.

Environ Cool Peel is different. Unlike traditional aggressive peels that can strip away the skin’s protective barrier, Environ Cool Peel has a lower concentration of lactic acid. It is designed to use over a series of light peels offering a more gentle and effective way of exfoliating to achieve healthier skin, without redness and down time.

With the Environ Cool Peel treatment, in most cases, there’s very little discomfort. You might feel a warm, tingling sensation as the peel goes to work on your skin. But don’t worry, our therapists will give you with a fan and as soon as they apply the cleanser, it neutralises the warm feeling. The Environ Cool Peel’s main active ingredient is lactic acid, which hydrates the skin. Regular use of lactic acid stimulates collagen, improving signs of ageing.

Environ Cool Peel is suitable for most skin types, is effective in treating signs of skin ageing and problematic skin conditions including acne, rosacea, uneven skin, and more.

We want you to experience the difference Environ Cool Peel. It will improve the health of your skin and you will see positive results after just 1 treatment. But if you want to see the full benefits of Environ Cool Peel, we recommend that you undertake multiple sessions. By continuing on a treatment plan of 6 to 8 sessions spaced at 2 to 4 weeks intervals, you will optimise the results. Your skin will show significant improvement in refined pores, smoother skin, collagen production and improvement in skin condition versus the temporary effect after one treatment.

We’re not just saying this so you have to spend more, although we’d enjoy seeing your lovely face more than once!  So, for the month of August, we are offering a special package of 6 Environ Cool Peels for just $499 (value $744).

We hope to see you soon. Book online, or contact your nearest clinic to speak to one of our qualified therapists.

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