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Sun’s Out, Guns Out!

By Rafael Giralda
September 10th, 2019
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It was a long, cold winter, and I’m sure we are all glad it’s over. Spring is here and we are already seeing a glimpse of sunshine. Isn’t it amazing! We all love the sun and the feelings it brings with it. So, it’s time to peel back the layers and get ready for an awesome spring. Time to kick off those winter comforts: those cosy winter clothes; sitting by the heater or snuggled up on the couch; all those yummy winter comfort foods and maybe a few too many red wines. Yep! As the saying goes – “Sun’s out Guns out!”. I’m talking about our legs, arms, chest, pecs, shoulders and belly.

Okay, there are those inspiring people who stick to a strict routine no matter what the season. Out for a run at 6am, even on those dark frosty mornings; Pilates classes 3 times a week; light healthy meals and plenty of water. Let’s call them Stickers. Their dedication pays off and they have a head start when the sun comes out. For the rest, we have at least reduced the amount of activity we’ve done over winter and increased the amount we intake. Let’s call this group Sliders.

Even with a head start on spring, Stickers may still feel some effects of winter:
• Dull skin (face & body)
• Dry skin (face & body)
• Increased fine lines
• Unwanted body hair
• Pesky pockets of soft fat on stomach, lower back, upper thighs
Sliders are likely to see all the above, plus: larger areas of hard or soft cellulite on stomach, arms, buttocks, and legs.

September is a great time to get started on a wellness program. Whether you have a cute outfit for Derby Day, or just want to look good in shorts, Unique Laser can help you achieve the perfect spring body. We want to help make it efficient and effective. No gimmicks or silver-bullets, but we can help you speed up results. Today we talk Fat Cavitation.

What is it?
Fat Cavitation is a hand piece that delivers ultra-sonic waves to compress and expand small micro-bubbles within the fat cells. The micro-bubbles implode, liquifying the fat cells and transporting it to your liver for your body to use as energy.

Why do it?
• To shift stubborn pockets of fat.
• Help sculpt and tone
• Remove cellulite (both hard and soft)

So, it’s that easy you can get rid of my cellulite?
Not exactly. Fat Cavitation will push your results further. Removing areas of fat that are hard to shift with exercise & diet alone but, treatment must be part of a 3-part process.
1. Good diet
2. Exercise
3. Fat Cavitation

Who is it suitable for?
Fat Cavitation is suitable for everyone. We’ve seen equally amazing results on: a bodybuilder who was getting ready for a competition and couldn’t shift some stubborn pockets of fat; and, a busy working mum who got rid of her “mum pouch” (soft abdominal fat) with the help of Fat Cavitation, gentle exercise and eating well.

Does it hurt?
Not at all. Fat Cavitation feels like little prickles on the skin and is not uncomfortable for most people. There’s no downtime, and it can be done in your lunch break.

How long does the treatment take?
Fat Cavitation treatments takes about 10 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. We follow up with a Free Radio Frequency treatment to assist with drainage and to lift and tighten the skin. This enhances the effects of Fat Cavitation. At Unique Laser, Radio Frequency is included for Free. We want you to achieve the maximum results. The total treatment time is around 20 minutes.

When will I see results?
When used with a healthy diet & exercise program, you should see noticeable results after the third session. Depending on the type of fat cells and size of the area being treated, most people require 6 to12 sessions at intervals of no more than 1 week apart.

Ok, I’m in, where to from here?
Come in for a free trial and consultation where we explain the full process and make sure you are suitable for the treatment. Visit the Unique Laser website for more information including before/after pics of real clients and to book your consultation.

How much does it cost?
Now at Unique Laser, Fat Cavitation is just $59 per A5 area (size of an A5 piece of paper), minimum 10 sessions. Call one of our 5 clinics or book online.
Stay tuned for more ways to enhance your wellness program this Spring with Unique Laser.

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