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Zoe’s 5 Make-Up Tips for Luminous Skin

By Rafael Giralda
January 20th, 2016
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The summer time is perfect to catch up with old friends, over indulge in yummy food and drink a little more than we should, however as the celebrations calm down and the indulging catches up with us, we realise our skin becomes sensitised and breaks out! Why? Well never fear I’m here to help! You’ll never have to miss an event because of bad skin ever again!


  1. Remove makeup

It may sound obvious, but going to sleep with a face full of makeup is an easy mistake to make, especially after a big night out on the town. Makeup can clog the pores and slow down our skins natural repair process, leading to overnight breakouts and dull skin; not to mention you wake up looking like something from the rocky horror show! Use the Skinsitut Gentle Cleanser before going to bed on the face and around the eye area and you’ll wake up feeling fresh as a daisy, (even if your hangover tells you differently).


  1. Exfoliate

The benefits of exfoliating your skin are widely known — it sloughs off dead skin cells and boosts circulation for brighter more radiant skin. Skinsitut have the perfect little skin pick me up; in the form of an exfoliating mask. It’s so convenient that you can even sleep in it! The papaya enzymes munch away all the dead skin cells without the need to physically scrub your skin, leaving your skin feeling super soft, as a bonus the added grape seed oil deeply hydrates and nourishes! Who doesn’t love a 2 in 1 product? Can you say ahhhhhmazing?


  1. Wash makeup brushes regularly

Brushes can harbor all sorts of nasty bacteria, so it’s important to clean them regularly! For squeaky clean brushes that look and feel brand new again we recommend the Jane Iredale botanical brush cleaner. Containing seaweed conditioners and anti-microbial grapefruit extracts this brush cleaner is one like no other, it’s quick drying for when time is of the essence meaning you don’t need to leave wet brushes out to dry, plus the witch hazel extract makes your brushes smell delicious!


  1. Use SPF 50+ daily

UVA rays can damage the skin regardless of the weather, it’s so important to protect your skin with a suitable SPF whether you’re lounging by the pool or on the way to work in the car on an overcast day. Sun damage is the number one cause of free radicals in the skin which triggers the breakdown of collagen, so if you want to ward off the aging process make sure you slip slop slap every day after your moisturiser with the Skinsitut Age Defence SPF 50+ regardless of what your daily activities involve; and since the cancer counsel Australia has increased the recommended daily protection from 30+ to 50+ there’s no better time to invest in a new moisturising sun cream!


  1. Go natural

Longer days, warmer nights and spending countless days in the sun gives you that beautiful sun kissed skin which means there’s no better time to try out a more natural approach to your makeup regime. Cutting out synthetic ingredients, silicones and chemical preservatives and focusing on mineral ingredients could do wonders for your skin, and once you see the skin care benefits that come along with using the Jane Iredale mineral make up you will wish you had tried it years ago. The liquid minerals has state of the art technology which makes it more like a serum then just a foundation. With a light to medium coverage and packed with Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid, it leaves your skin hydrated while reflecting your beautiful healthy glow!

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