The Most Effective Treatment with the Fastest and Newest Technology in the World:

Technologies are continuously evolving – what was the best laser technology a couple of years ago may now be outdated, and unlike many other clinics we don’t use old or second hand lasers to reduce the costs. Our laser technology is the newest and used by the largest laser clinics in Europe and the world, and is now exclusively available at UNIQUE LASER clinics. Our lasers are the most advanced and powered, and this is what allows the treatments to be:

1. More effective:

The effectiveness of a laser for hair removal depends on two main parametres:
1) The Wavelength and 2) The Power to transmit energy.
The 810nm laser wavelength has been scientifically proven to be optimal in destroying the hair growth cells in all skin types, including dark and tanned skin. In terms of Power, our lasers have more than twice the power than all the rest in the market, meaning greater effectiveness and permanent results.

2. Faster:

Our lasers deliver 4 shots per second in a large spot size, while the other lasers only 2 shots per second. This means that our treatments are faster, and more effective as they provide the double of laser shots than other lasers in the same amount of time.

3. Free patch test prior to your first treatment to achieve the best results since your first session:

As every person is different our highly qualified laser therapists include a previous free patch test with your treatments in order to assess your optimum settings – giving you the best results right from your first treatment.

We recommend between 6 to 10 sessions depending on the person.
Enquire about our laser hair removal sale and specials in our Unique Laser clinics at Westfield Doncaster, Melbourne or Westfield Geelong.

Current Specials

Underarms $19 Was $39
Brazilian & Underarms $39 Was $91
Full Legs, Brazilian & Underarms $139 Was $309
Full Face $49 Was $69
Full Back & Shoulders $99 Was $199
Chest & Abdomen $99  Was $159
Free Patch Test prior to your first treatment for optimum results from your first session

Laser Hair Removal Price List

Nose $15 $20
Chin $15 $20
Lip $15 $18
Lip & Chin $25 $33
Ears $39 $52
Eyebrows $15 $20
Sides of Face $39 $54
Full Face – Female $49 $69
Full Face – Male $55 $73
Areola $39 $52
Hands & Fingers $39 $52
Neck – Front or Back $39 $52
Snail Trail $39 $49
Underarms $29 $39
1/4 Arms $49 $65
1/4 Back/Sides $49 $65
Shoulders $59 $79
Stomach $59 $79
1/2 Arms $99 $132
1/2 Back $99 $132
Chest $99 $132
Chest & Stomach $128 $159
Full Arms $129 $172
Full Back & Shoulders $159 $199
Feet and Toes $30 $40
Knees $39 $52
Perianal $39 $49
Bikini $39 $52
Brazilian Female $39 $52
Brazilian Male $59 $79
Buttocks $99 $132
1/4 Legs $69 $92
1/2 Legs $128 $150
Full Legs $159 $218
Full Body – Female $349 $399
Full Body – Male $399 $449

Our Commitment for hair removal:

Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality treatments and best results, offering great sale and special options to ensure that you get the most superior value for money. This outstanding service is what makes us one of the premium clinics in Melbourne.

We achieve outstanding results through meticulous attention to detail with a previous free patch test to assess your optimum settings for your first treatment and with the latest and highest powered diode laser technology in the market, giving each client nothing short of the most effective and up to date treatment each and every time and at affordable prices.

Come to visit our Unique Laser clinics at Westfield Doncaster, Melbourne or Westfield Geelong, we would love to show you how we provide exceptional results. And enquire about our sale and specials by calling us or fill out our online contact form.